Hi Kool Stop,

I am not sure if you are familiar with the terrain in the Okanagan? This past Saturday we rode from Kelowna to Delta (243 miles 12,000 feet of climbing 13hrs. 46 min.) in order to raise money for cancer research. On the descent from the toll plaza (Coquihalla Highway) I was clocked going 58.3 m.p.h. (or 99 k.p.h.) by the Royal Canandian Mounted Police, they were escorting the group in.

I would just like to "Thank you and Kool Stop" for making a great product that allows me and my teammates to descend at high speeds down mountain passes with total confidence and control knowing that we are using the best brake pads available.

Team Alliance has been asked time, and time again by fellow riders (why do you use Kool-Stop? or what do you think about Kool-Stop pads?) The answer is always the same: We use Kool-Stop because you can "stop on a dime and get 8 cents change!"

Team Alliance has the "Ride for Hope" on July 9th all proceeds go directly to "Canucks for Kids" at Canuck Place.

Thanks again, Kool-Stop Rocks!
Jeff Bandura Director- Team Alliance
Thu, 23 Aug 2007


Hi Kool Stop,

Just a quick note of appreciation for the thinline, cantilever pads for ceramic rims that you sent to me. Wow! So many problems are corrected with this design.

Initially I thought that the pads may be too long for my 700c rims. As it turns out you use every centimeter of the pad braking surface. Neat. And for once I can actually turn the front pads in the proper direction under the fork. Again, neat. Looks like I will be purchasing more pads from my local retailer for my mountain bike and our tandem (non ceramic).

Thanks again for sending the "impossible to find" thinline cantilevers for my ceramic rims.

Ron Johnson
Overland Park, Kansas
Mon, 23 June 2008


Hi Kool Stop,

We just got home from the "Trans Rockies Challenge" a 7 day mountain bike stage race through some of Canada's most rugged terrain. This was the 5th. time I have done this race, and I have never once made a "podium appearance" well this all changed on the first stage! I was riding in the mixed 80+ category with a very strong female partner and we finished Second. on day 1 We went on to a Third. place overall in our category and we were on the podium 7 days in a row!!!

Kool Stop provided us with disc brake pads for Hayes and Hayes El Camino braking systems, most teams went through 2-3 sets of pads over the 7 days ( over 36,000 ft. of elevation gain) We never had to change pads during the race!! They worked absolutely perfect! some descents were over 1 hr. long, and   on the brakes most of the way down!!!

I will send you some photo's as soon as I get them. I just wanted to say "Thank you" to you and Kool Stop for helping our team this year and we hope to continue with you again next year.

Thanks for making my dreams come true 7 days... 7 podium appearances! 3rd. overall mixed 80+

Jeff Bandura Team Norco
FloraGlo 5 Time Finisher of the Trans Rockies Challenge

Hi Koolstop,

Don't normally contact you guys about cycling gear, but am so impressed with your brake pads, congratulations are in order ;)

Basically, using one set of your dual compound brake pads, the red & black ones, I've cycled from Istanbul over the Himilayas and well across China, on a heavily laden touring bike laden with all the gear. And its great not to wear out the wheel rims. Thought they were a bit expensive, and now I now they're well worth it!



Hi Kool Stop,

I have just  completed my 6th  Trans Rockies Challenge, this year was the toughest yet! We had 550Km (342 miles) to travel and over 17,000 meters of climbing (55,000 ft.) in 7 days! Thanks to you and Kool Stop we were able to complete this race trouble free. Both me and my teammate used the Kool Stop D630 Disc pads (Shimano XTR). We rocked the descents knowing we have the best brake pads in the world!

We had 3 podium finishes Stage 5 (3rd) Stage 6 (3rd) Stage 7 (2nd) and a top three overall in the 100+ category (3rd)

Our Sincere Thanks for your continued support!

Jeff Bandura Team Alliance www.teamalliance.ca


Hi Kool Stop,

The best pads in the world! All I can say is that even in the gnarliest conditions they never stop working. Anything I can do please tell me. I support and show your products on all my tours/clinics. These photos are from the latest tour of mine in Vietnam/Thailand. Check out the conditions that I put your product to work. Thank you Kool Stop!

Alan Eger professional ride guide for discovervietnam.com and others.


Hi Kool Stop,

Found this on a local bike forum as to why to use Koolstop pads...