The Like-A-Bike from Germany is the remarkable play vehicle for children that are far to young to ride a proper bike, but not too small to enjoy the dynamics of movement and balance. This bike is the perfect introduction to cycling. The Like-A-Bike is built to withstand the worst rough and tumble its young riders can dish out.
Frame: High-grade birch plywood treated with high quality hard wax finish for a natural wood look.

Details: Child safe and robust.

Steering: Dampened by felt strips to prevent small fingers from getting caught between fork and frame.

Wheels: 31 cm (Approx. 12.5"). Quality grease free bronze bearings. Solid rubber or tube tires which won't mark floors when ridden indoors.

Adjustability: As your child grows, saddle can be raised. Three settings from 33 to 39 cm. to suit children up to five years old.