Replacement pads for the popular Magura HS33 and HS11 brake systems.


  • Rim Friendly Compounds

Pad Types Available:

Black / Part Number KS-HS33B

Salmon / Part Number KS-HS33SA

Dual / Part Number KS-HS33DL

Trails 1 / Part Number KS-HS33T1

hs33 Electric / Part Number KS-HS33E

hs33c Ceramic / Part Number KS-HS33C

hs33c Rigida CSS / Part Number KS-H33CSS

*Trails 1 Compound - is an extreme compound for only experienced tick or trails riders needing a compound that will instantly lock the wheels.

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ks-hs33t1 ks-hs33c ks-h33sa