Eagle 2

The Eagle 2 is a revolutionary pad that first utilized the hardened reinforced steel internal backbone. This larger pad has been used in all areas of cycling and is a good choice when frame, wheel and fork design allow.


  • Hardened and Plated reinforced steel backbone
  • Patented Angled tip plow
  • Water grooves
  • Pad-Lockā„¢ washer system
  • Available in Threaded and 2024 Aluminum Smooth Post

Cantilever Specifications:

  • Weight per pair: 40.4 grams
  • Overall length: 64.1 mm
  • Pad contact width: 10.3 mm

Cantilever Pad Types Available:

Black / Part Number KS-EC2B

Salmon / Part Number KS-EC2SA

Dual Compound / Part Number KS-EC2DL

Ceramic / Part Number KS-EC2C

Carbon Fiber / Part Number KS-EC2CF

Blue / Part Number KS-EC2BLU

Silver / Part Number KS-EC2

Purple / Part Number KS-EC2P

Yellow / Part Number KS-EC2Y

White White / Part Number KS-EC2W

Red / Part Number KS-EC2TR


Threaded Specifications:

  • Weight per pair: 54.7 grams
  • Overall length: 64.1 mm
  • Pad contact width: 10.3 mm

Threaded Pad Types Available:

Black / Part Number KS-E2TB

Salmon / Part Number KS-E2TSA

Dual Compound / Part Number KS-E2TDL

Ceramic / Part Number KS-E2TC

Carbon Fiber / Part Number KS-E2TCF

Blue / Part Number KS-E2TBLU

Silver / Part Number KS-E2T

Purple / Part Number KS-E2TP

Yellow / Part Number KS-E2TY

White White / Part Number KS-E2TW

Red / Part Number KS-E2TR

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